Get Your Copy Of An Enormous Bonus Package!

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That means you're getting ALL of this:

Bonus #1 - #6: Access To The Next Done-For-You Jumpstart! ($2k value)

This is a HUGE bonus, and one that everyone else will have to pay $2000 for. When you purchase Trends On Demand, you will get nearly everything that Jumpstart users get:

- Join the coaching calls and ask as many questions as you'd like throughout the summer to prepare for Quarter 4 (so many Jumpstart users got so much value out of this that they asked me to make a separate program for it - which many have signed up for!)

- Access into SpotNiches software for the remainder of the year (this software is AMAZING for helping you find people who are ready to buy)

- Lifetime access to the course

- Lifetime access into the Facebook group

- A box of FBA mugs

- 50 Done-For-You designs (in both black and white text)

We're re-launching this Jumpstart this summer and you'll get a "front of the line pass" to the hundreds of people who will be signing up. Join NOW to get in the front of the line and create a Quarter 4 you'll be thrilled with.

Bonus #7: Notes + Transcripts Of The Course

Trends On Demand is a thorough course that's packed with cutting-edge, excellent information.

People have gotten some PHENOMENAL results with it already.

There are 2 small issues with it though:

1) It's video based

2) There's a lot of information!

So, to make it easier for you to get the most from this training, I'll be giving you transcripts of the Trends on Demand System, the case studies, *and* our NOTES on the best takeaways.

My assistant Michaela is my go-to for note taking. I have her take notes on courses that I personally go through, and she'll be doing the same for Trends on Demand.

Her notes are thorough but cut down to the essentials. You'll LOVE her notes -- in fact, sometimes people *only* read her notes when I read them as a bonus and get the big takeaways!

If you want to make the most out of this course, you will LOVE having these notes.

Bonus #8: Waived fulfillment fee ($500 Value)

When you watch the training, you'll see that Don likes to test all kinds of products (including unique ones), find winners, and then ship them out quickly to customers.

Sending items from China is a recipe for disaster because items take forever to ship and you have tons of customer support nightmares. You do NOT want this in Quarter 4 when people have Christmas deadlines.

So now, after you find your winning product, you can send them to my warehouse to send them directly to your customers.

Instead of paying the setup fee of $500, we'll waive it so you can hit the ground running.

You'll get set up in our systems so that you can send over products and, in an automated fashion, we'll get those products sent right to your customers.

Heck, even if you don't even use the Trend On Demand process and just want us to have your bestselling LHS products on hand, we can do that too.

Finding a reputable fulfillment center is NOT easy so this is a big win. And it works beautifully with my next bonus, too...

Bonus #9: Your first 100 fulfillments on us! ($100+ Value)

Not only will you have a waived setup fee, but we'll also send out your first 100 items to your customers - FOR FREE.

That means you'll make more profit for every single sale without having to pay anything extra.

Most fulfillment centers charge a setup fee plus $1+ per product shipped.

Not only that, but you'll be locked into a "trends on demand" price of only $.50/item for fulfilling items after that. There's absolutely no need to stick with us and no contracts - though if you shop fulfillment centers, you'll be thrilled with the low price you get grandfathered into.

Bonus #10: We'll even do laser imprinting for you! (HUGE BONUS - Not available anywhere else)

My bonus package is already crazy valuable... but this is the pièce de résistance.

If you've been watching Don's training, you know that sometimes he buys cheap blanks from overseas, then gets them laser imprinted with unique sayings, like this:

This laser imprinting is not an easy feat. Don had to shop around for a while before he could find a solid, trustable machine that wasn't already slammed with orders.

Well - we saw an opportunity, and I bought 2 top-of-the-line laser imprinting machines.

These machines can imprint ANYTHING from cards like this, to awards, to golf balls, to pens, to journals... yes, LHS people, you're reading this right. 😉

With this bonus, you'll be able to use the imprinting machine to either go Trend On Demand style, Low Hanging System style, or marry them both to make the most out of your Quarter 4.

You send in the product blanks (in some cases we can secure them for you if it's an LHS-style product), we'll do the imprinting for you.

And this bonus is 2 parts:

1. You get access to the laser imprinting machine in an "on demand" style (LHSers - if you do NOTHING ELSE with Trends on Demand but simply use this, you can make your return back many times over. You've seen the keyword research!)

We haven't offered the machines to anyone in an "a la carte" style except for a bonus I did last year, and I don't think we'll be offering this to the public in the future.

2. You'll get your first 100 laser imprintings done FOR FREE!!!

After the first 100 we'll work out a price that you'll be grandfathered into. It'll be the lowest possible "Founder's Price" available.

I am telling you guys... again, if you do NOTHING ELSE with Trends On Demand... this alone is huge.

To make sure we can do a good job for you, this has to be redeemed by October 1, 2019. Christmastime is very busy. Think about summer items you can imprint: back-to-school pens and pencils and journals, ice cube trays, summer tumblers.

Laser has CRAZY AMOUNTS OF POTENTIAL and you can make a mint from selling it. This bonus is a big deal.

Here's a Recap Of Everything You're Getting

  • 1-6

    Access To The Next Done-For-You Jumpstart! ($1k value)

    Remember - this comes with ongoing coaching calls, access to the ultra-valuable SpotNiches software, lifetime access to the course, the Facebook group, a box of FBA mugs, AND 50 done-for-you designs.

  • 7

    Notes + transcripts of the entire course (Value: Priceless if you use it)

    This helps you make it inevitable that you actually USE the course!

  • 8

    Waived Fulfillment Fee ($500 value)

  • 9

    Your first 100 fulfillments - on me! ($100+ value)

    Plus you'll be grandfathered into a super-low $.50/piece price after that. Shop around and you'll see this is crazy-low.

  • 10

    Access To Laser Imprinting (Value: Unlimited - Seriously.)

    Considering I know of a company making 7 figures per MONTH with laser imprinting, you can do the math on how valuable this can be. Redeem by October 1 and use this on summertime or back-to-school items. You'll get an access to laser imprinting that nobody else does, and you'll also get your first 100 engravings for free.

As you can see, this is HUGE - and many pieces of this bonus cover the entire investment for Trends On Demand many times over.

The only thing for you to do now is click the button below, head over to Trends on Demand, and sign up.

You'll be glad you did.

With love,